Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thobile scores for Scotland!

When I had Thobile for the weekend I took her to a rugby match. The match was in Edinburgh and was between Scotland and Ireland. We took photos of Thobile outside the stadium. I sat Thobile on my head so that she could see!
Kieran L2W

A different doll for Andrew and his sister

I went swimming when I had Thobile but I didn't want to get her wet so my sister played with Thobile. My sister is 2 years old and enjoyed having a different doll to play with.
Andrew L2W

Ceilidh time for Thobile

I took Thobile to a Scottish dance with my whole family. Thobile had to dance with groups of people. A scottish dance is called a ceilidh (said: kay lay).
Corrie L2W

Dance lesson for Thobile

The weekend I had Thobile, I gave her food like apple pie. Mmmmmm.... I taught her to dance and play computer games.
Morven L2W