Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Minnow and Kyle

In the weekend I had Minnow and I gave him a wash and he looked a lot cleaner.

I put Minnow in the washing machine. Afterwards he smelt like washing powder.

Then I hung him on the line with some pegs. It was sunny so he dried fine and then he was all clean.

By Kyle

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Minnow takes a wash

Minnow has been up to SO much over the past few weeks.

Every night, someone in Room 9 takes her home to spend time at their house.

Not surprisingly with all this action.... Minnow has been getting VERY DIRTY and not looking quite as clean as usual!

Last night, Minnow went home with Sam, where she was treated to a bath!

Here she is relaxing with Sam's dog George ..... and looking a whole lot cleaner too!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kia Ora spends some time with Lucie

When Kia Ora came to my house she slept on a nest. I made it out of softmaterial so that she would be comfortable. At the weekend my sister Emilyand I made a den in the garden. It was made out of branches and leaves.No-one could see us. The sign said,'No boys over 40!'. It was only for girls. Kia Ora loved playing in the garden.

Kia Ora spends the week with Laura

Kia Ora went to ballet with Laura on Tuesday and learned a few steps. At the weekend she decided to skip Laura's early morning swim because she fancied a long lie. However, when she found out that Laura and her family were going for a sleepover in Edinburgh she was very keen to come. She met Alexander and Sophie and thought they were very nice. Laura and Catriona had make-overs thanks to Sophie but Kia Ora was a bit scared of the hair straightener and just watched. She slept all the way back to Blairgowrie. Here is Kia Ora writing her diary:

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Minnow goes to Auckland in the North Island of NZ

A few weeks ago I took Minnow to Auckland. We went in 3 planes there and back. Miinnow and I went with Josh and Rachel, our teacher. We went to Auckland because we were finalists in a competion.

We got to meet Helen Clark who is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Minnow had to watch as we got all of our prizes. The best thing that Minnow liked was going on the aeroplanes and sharing some of our drinks with us.

Here is the photo of Minnow meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark.