Monday, February 11, 2008

Rory's Week with Spencer and Family

Rory had a very exciting week with Spencer. He met Hamish the dog and spent some time relaxing infront of the television. He helped to make delicious pancakes with Spencer's mum- we just hope that he left some for the family! Rory was also able to share in Spencer's dad's birthday celebrations though he is keeping quiet about Daddy Cunningham's age! At the weekend he helped in the garden. Look out for a slide show of Rory's week with Spencer coming soon..............

Monday, February 04, 2008

Rory spends the week with Jamie

This weekend, Rory had lots of fun with Jamie. On Saturday, Rory went to Gran and Grandpa’s farm near Muthill. Rory went for a walk down to the river and in the woods. Rory helped Jamie collect sticks to make a Harry Potter broomstick. Later, Rory had a ride on Jamie’s sister’s horse Beebs and helped Jamie feed the calves. However, Rory was a bit scared of the farm cats that thought he was a tasty mouse! Rory also helped Jamie choose a new pair of school shoes. On Sunday, Rory helped do the food shopping in Perth. In the supermarket, Rory’s favourite aisle was the biscuit one and he also liked reading the magazines. He seemed very good at putting things in the shopping trolley! Rory then met Jamie’s rabbits Wizard and Fudge.

Kia Ora decides to Extend her Holiday

Kia Ora went on a very exciting holiday to South Africa with Ben. She did all sorts of exciting things like whale watching. In fact Kia Ora liked it so much that she decided to spend some more time in South Africa and sent us her friend Rory the Rhino instead from South Africa. Rory is settling in well and is being looked after by all of the children in L2W.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Kia Ora visits Nathanael

Kia Ora spent the week with Nathanael. Kia ora obviously made friends with his sister, Rachel and especially enjoyed having a ride in the pushchair. I wonder if Kia Ora was calling New Zealand in the first photograph?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Minnow and Kyle

In the weekend I had Minnow and I gave him a wash and he looked a lot cleaner.

I put Minnow in the washing machine. Afterwards he smelt like washing powder.

Then I hung him on the line with some pegs. It was sunny so he dried fine and then he was all clean.

By Kyle

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Minnow takes a wash

Minnow has been up to SO much over the past few weeks.

Every night, someone in Room 9 takes her home to spend time at their house.

Not surprisingly with all this action.... Minnow has been getting VERY DIRTY and not looking quite as clean as usual!

Last night, Minnow went home with Sam, where she was treated to a bath!

Here she is relaxing with Sam's dog George ..... and looking a whole lot cleaner too!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kia Ora spends some time with Lucie

When Kia Ora came to my house she slept on a nest. I made it out of softmaterial so that she would be comfortable. At the weekend my sister Emilyand I made a den in the garden. It was made out of branches and leaves.No-one could see us. The sign said,'No boys over 40!'. It was only for girls. Kia Ora loved playing in the garden.

Kia Ora spends the week with Laura

Kia Ora went to ballet with Laura on Tuesday and learned a few steps. At the weekend she decided to skip Laura's early morning swim because she fancied a long lie. However, when she found out that Laura and her family were going for a sleepover in Edinburgh she was very keen to come. She met Alexander and Sophie and thought they were very nice. Laura and Catriona had make-overs thanks to Sophie but Kia Ora was a bit scared of the hair straightener and just watched. She slept all the way back to Blairgowrie. Here is Kia Ora writing her diary:

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Minnow goes to Auckland in the North Island of NZ

A few weeks ago I took Minnow to Auckland. We went in 3 planes there and back. Miinnow and I went with Josh and Rachel, our teacher. We went to Auckland because we were finalists in a competion.

We got to meet Helen Clark who is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Minnow had to watch as we got all of our prizes. The best thing that Minnow liked was going on the aeroplanes and sharing some of our drinks with us.

Here is the photo of Minnow meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Kia Ora Ends Up in Italy!

Cameron was chosen to take Kia Ora home for the week. However it was not as straightforward a week as we thought it would be! Cameron's Dad was going on a business trip to Italy for three days and somehow Kia Ora ended up in his suitcase! We hear that he is having a good time and that he is being very helpful during Cameron's dad's meetings. We are expecting him back from Italy this weekend and look forward to telling you all about his unplanned adventure!

Minnow goes home with Zoe

Yesterday I took Minnow home with me because Jaime chose me to do so. When Chipmunks was over, Mum took me home and then she told me to put my shoes on because we were going to my Dad's new house. When we got there I saw Cris and Maria's baby. When Dad came back, which didn't take very long, I got to see my room. My room was very pink. Minnow thought my room had the mosquito net covering most of it. In my room I have a beanbag and I have already tried it out, it is very comfy. Minnow slept the night with me at my house in my bedroom on my bed.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Look who arrived in New Zealand!

On the first day back at school this term, Room 9 had a parcel waiting for us.

It looked like this...

When we opened it we discovered it was our new friend Minnow from Dundee in Scotland. Minnow was excited to meet all of Room 9 and even got to go on a class trip on his first day!

Check out the cool photos of Minnow at the Bedazzled mirror exhibition, and read more about it here on our class blog!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Departing Nelson!

In Nelson, New Zealand, Room 9 has been saying their goodbyes and getting our friend and classmate, Kia Ora Kiwi, ready to travel to Scotland!

Today we wrapped him up and included him and some surprises in a big white parcel. We left him some air holes and hope that the flight over will be ok for him. We think it may take up to two weeks for Kia Ora Kiwi to go by plane to Dundee in Scotland.

Rachel is going to take Kia Ora Kiwi to the post office and post him off on his journey after school.

We hope he has a great flight and that all the kids in Mrs Wilson's class at High School Dundee will love him just as much as we do!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A New Adventure

The children in Mrs Wilson's class, Dundee - Scotland, are excited about their new bear exchange with the children in Mrs Boyd's class, Nelson - New Zealand. Find the two schools on the map below.