Friday, October 19, 2007

Kia Ora Ends Up in Italy!

Cameron was chosen to take Kia Ora home for the week. However it was not as straightforward a week as we thought it would be! Cameron's Dad was going on a business trip to Italy for three days and somehow Kia Ora ended up in his suitcase! We hear that he is having a good time and that he is being very helpful during Cameron's dad's meetings. We are expecting him back from Italy this weekend and look forward to telling you all about his unplanned adventure!

Minnow goes home with Zoe

Yesterday I took Minnow home with me because Jaime chose me to do so. When Chipmunks was over, Mum took me home and then she told me to put my shoes on because we were going to my Dad's new house. When we got there I saw Cris and Maria's baby. When Dad came back, which didn't take very long, I got to see my room. My room was very pink. Minnow thought my room had the mosquito net covering most of it. In my room I have a beanbag and I have already tried it out, it is very comfy. Minnow slept the night with me at my house in my bedroom on my bed.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Look who arrived in New Zealand!

On the first day back at school this term, Room 9 had a parcel waiting for us.

It looked like this...

When we opened it we discovered it was our new friend Minnow from Dundee in Scotland. Minnow was excited to meet all of Room 9 and even got to go on a class trip on his first day!

Check out the cool photos of Minnow at the Bedazzled mirror exhibition, and read more about it here on our class blog!