Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Departing Nelson!

In Nelson, New Zealand, Room 9 has been saying their goodbyes and getting our friend and classmate, Kia Ora Kiwi, ready to travel to Scotland!

Today we wrapped him up and included him and some surprises in a big white parcel. We left him some air holes and hope that the flight over will be ok for him. We think it may take up to two weeks for Kia Ora Kiwi to go by plane to Dundee in Scotland.

Rachel is going to take Kia Ora Kiwi to the post office and post him off on his journey after school.

We hope he has a great flight and that all the kids in Mrs Wilson's class at High School Dundee will love him just as much as we do!


Anonymous said...

Kia Ora arrived safe and well on Monday. He had a good journey acroos but he was very tired. He went home for Ailsa's birthday on Tuesday and has gone home with Mia for a weeks holiday.

Mrs Wilson L2W

Anonymous said...

Hello boys and girls in New Zealand. Kia Ora is lovely especially his BIG beak. Why does he have such a BIG beak? Has Minnow arrived yet as we are getting very worried? Mrs Tonner

Mrs Tonner said...

Here is another question for you boys and girls - what voice did you like listening to the most on Voices Of The World?