Thursday, November 08, 2007

Minnow goes to Auckland in the North Island of NZ

A few weeks ago I took Minnow to Auckland. We went in 3 planes there and back. Miinnow and I went with Josh and Rachel, our teacher. We went to Auckland because we were finalists in a competion.

We got to meet Helen Clark who is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Minnow had to watch as we got all of our prizes. The best thing that Minnow liked was going on the aeroplanes and sharing some of our drinks with us.

Here is the photo of Minnow meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark.


High School Dundee said...

I hope he enjoyed it

High School Dundee said...

He really is a well travelled dog!

High School Dundee said...

wow thats amazing

High School Dundee said...

thats so cool. did he speak to the prime minister?

High School Dundee said...

It really does sound like he is having such an exciting adventure. We wish that we were there too joining in with all of the excitement. We are taking good care of Kia Ora especially now that the weather is getting much colder here. He really needs to wrap up here from the cold and frost.
Mrs Wilson

Anonymous said...

Thats so cool! I would love to meet the prime minister of new zealand!!! Minnow is a very lucky dog. Betty

high school dundee said...

Wow that looks fun Charlotte