Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Minnow takes a wash

Minnow has been up to SO much over the past few weeks.

Every night, someone in Room 9 takes her home to spend time at their house.

Not surprisingly with all this action.... Minnow has been getting VERY DIRTY and not looking quite as clean as usual!

Last night, Minnow went home with Sam, where she was treated to a bath!

Here she is relaxing with Sam's dog George ..... and looking a whole lot cleaner too!


Mrs Tonner Dundee said...

Oh i am so happy to see two clean, happy dogs. It looks nice ans sunny over in New Zealand. it has rained all week here that the children have to stay inside during break time!!!

High School Dundee said...

I agree! It looks like you are having beautiful weather. The perfect conditions for a dog to dry in. I'm glad Minnow is able to spend time with so many of the children in your class. Minnow does look lovely and fluffy and clean. Thank you for taking such good care of Minnow. Poor Kia Ora is finding the weather in Scotland very cold as we have had quite a lot of rain and frost. We have kept him nicely wrapped up though!
Mrs Wilson

rebecca l4h said...

what is your dogs name

hannah L2W said...

What did minnow get dirty in?

hannah L2W said...

Minnow must be having a great time with you.