Monday, February 04, 2008

Rory spends the week with Jamie

This weekend, Rory had lots of fun with Jamie. On Saturday, Rory went to Gran and Grandpa’s farm near Muthill. Rory went for a walk down to the river and in the woods. Rory helped Jamie collect sticks to make a Harry Potter broomstick. Later, Rory had a ride on Jamie’s sister’s horse Beebs and helped Jamie feed the calves. However, Rory was a bit scared of the farm cats that thought he was a tasty mouse! Rory also helped Jamie choose a new pair of school shoes. On Sunday, Rory helped do the food shopping in Perth. In the supermarket, Rory’s favourite aisle was the biscuit one and he also liked reading the magazines. He seemed very good at putting things in the shopping trolley! Rory then met Jamie’s rabbits Wizard and Fudge.

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