Monday, February 11, 2008

Rory's Week with Spencer and Family

Rory had a very exciting week with Spencer. He met Hamish the dog and spent some time relaxing infront of the television. He helped to make delicious pancakes with Spencer's mum- we just hope that he left some for the family! Rory was also able to share in Spencer's dad's birthday celebrations though he is keeping quiet about Daddy Cunningham's age! At the weekend he helped in the garden. Look out for a slide show of Rory's week with Spencer coming soon..............


Anonymous said...

That is so cute!! Happy birthday rory!!

cleo and sarah
dovedale school

Anonymous said...

We thought that the dogs were cute

Anonymous said...

WE are a class in Motueka, New Zealand. ANd we ahve enjoyed looking at you blog.

Allanah K

ICT facilitator

Discover IT Tasman